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What can we do to improve teen health fitness that doesn’t seem like we’re badgering our kids? Papers and other media have been flooded with reports of high levels of teen obesity and kids who spend all day in front of the computer or video game system. However, this level of coverage (and the strictures that follow) doesn’t do a lot to get kids in shape. In fact, unnecessarily putting youngsters on diets could have long lasting effects on their metabolisms. Studies have shown that people who diet early often put on more weight as they grow up. Let’s look at some of the options.

Set A Good Example
How many of the parents worried about their teenagers’ weight and fitness level really demonstrate good eating and fitness habits themselves? A surprising number have disordered behaviors when it comes to food and body image, associating food with love, talking at length about how they dislike their bodies, and skipping meals. It’s the same with fitness. So think twice before you talk about joining the gym like it’s a chore. After all, if you want to teach your teen that fitness is fun, you need to demonstrate it. Take some time to deal with your own body, food, and health issues before you expect your child to do better.
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A Whole Body Philosophy
One important thing to remember is that a wellness way of life embraces your whole body, which includes your mind and spirit. This translates to not only how you look, but also the way you think and feel. Teen health fitness involves very part of you is interrelated and affects other parts. This is what is meant by a ‘holistic approach’ to every part of your life.

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The journey to wellness is one that never ends; with it you can reap many rewards along the way. Living is all about evolution. And a healthier lifestyle should reflect that process.

Perhaps you have tried in the past to make changes and despite your best efforts you have not succeeded.

A Health Coach is an excellent resource for working through change. Most times we tend not to succeed at our goals because we do not have a clear vision of what it is that we want to achieve in our lives. Working with a health coach on teen health fitness will assist you in creating a clear ‘road map’ in order to achieve a set goal. Your coach will also hold you accountable for following through with the steps that you agree to make in order to reach your personal goal. Working with a coach will help you to look inwards at every aspect of your life- what has worked for you in the past and what is possible for the future. This produces the lifelong change.

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Dr. Eno

Born in London and raised in Nigeria, Dr. Eno Nsima-Obot is a board certified Internal Medicine Physician, with over 20 years of experience in the health & wellness industry. She graduated from medical school in 1987 with several awards in Obstetrics & Gynecology, Clinical Pharmacology and General Surgery. She is passionate about placing a human touch to healthcare and was the recipient for the quarterly award for compassion when she worked as a primary care physician with a large multi-specialty medical group in Chicago. As a professional life coach, Dr. Eno is committed to helping woman living with chronic illnesses such as type 2 diabetes achieve optimal health and wellbeing, so that they are able to experience a more wholesome life. She is also an author of a book on diabetes, designed to educate people about diabetes in an easy to understand way. To download a free preview of her book, click here.

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